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Justin Bieber NOT Charged For Drugs in Stockholm

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Some crazy news out of Europe this morning from Justin Bieber's tour and we have the real story. According to various reports on line, the JB's empty tour bus was raided and a very small amount of allegedly illegal narcotics and a taser gun were found while Justin was in the midst of a packed performance. Police apparently were prompted to enter the bus after smelling marijuana coming from inside the vehicle, but upon entering the alleged drug could not be identified. And again, Justin Bieber was not even there at the time. Another source via Fox News also added that when the police entered and found nothing, they left. There were no violations. Stockholm police press officer Lars Bystrom also revealed to Us Weekly that no one in Bieber's camp will be charged as of now, as investigators currently have no evidence of any illegal substances on the bus -- this decision is something the officer added is something he and his colleagues are QUOTE "confident" about. So guys, this sounds like yet another case of a report without details generating way too much buzz -- and it sounds like Justin Bieber has the right attitude, as he tweeted QUOTE "some of the rumors about me...where do people even get this stuff. Whatever...back to the music." Back to the music indeed. What do Beliebers out there think about this unverified drug report? Give us your thoughts below and make sure to stick with ClevverTV for real news you can trust. I'm Joslyn Davis --thanks for watching!

Hosted by: Joslyn Davis

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