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TREKOL 39294 - The Heavy All Terrain Vehicle with the light touch

The unique "Trekol" 6x6 (or 4x4) all terrain vehicles with special tires.

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TREKOL 39294


The Body of TREKOL-39294 is made of fiberglass. Strength of the body and its conformity to safety standards achieved using technologies such as "sandwich panel". The required rigidity is ensured optimum ratio of the thickness of the outer and inner panels, the distance between them and the use of polystyrene foam between the inner and outer shells.

The body has very low thermal conductivity and water absorption, the opportunity exploitation at a temperature between - 60 ° C to 60 ° C.

In addition to bodywork, an important distinctive feature of this six-wheel all-terrain vehicle is a radically new chassis design, which provides front-mounted powertrain. This layout scheme allows to install an all-terrain vehicle a range of petrol and diesel engines, both of domestic and foreign production.

Capacity: - 8 people. Maximum speed - 80 mph.

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Ria Novosti

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